Saturday, 8 August 2015


I have been asking God on His plans for me in this season of my life.

Well, I used to do alot more in church as a youth and eventually as I kinda got caught up in the grind, I did a lot lesser. And at the same time, advertising's workload was unpredictable.
Most of the time, I could hardly make plans after work. After work plans are usually impromptu.
Yah, I know sounds quite sad.
But I pretty much got used to it, until... I had enough and so yes, now I am out.

Ok, but my point is. I am really excited.
Excited because my spirit is buzzing with joy as I dream and imagine what can come in this season.
God once spoke to me to fill in the gaps, be a pillar in His House.
I was not satisfied with that, I kept wondering... what exactly God? I was anxious, impatient and I wanted a more concrete answer- like, what can I do exactly?

At the point of time (last year), all God said was "If I am with you, all will work out fine". So okay can, I decided to just have faith and stay anchored.

This year, things are slowly starting to unfold.

I attended the Heart of God Church - Guest Experience Team's launch, and I am very thrilled and proud to be part of this.
It marks new beginning of an adventure, really excited for what is to come.

It was a really fun night.
I was greeted by this when I reached the event-

Limited edition notebook just for #GuestExperienceTeam leh.

Well of cos' - we had really fun icebreaker.

Besides the point that the kiasu overly thrilled me won at Bingo and got the limited edition pen....
It was interesting to know that there are sibling teams in the ministry, and even Mother + Daughter team hahaha.
Maybe some of you will get to be served by these super family teams!

Dinner spread that night. #happytum

#MustWin becos of the Limited Edition Pen.

So my sis (Jieru) told me, "I knew something was up when I saw this photo on your Instagram. Really blur picture dont care, no filter- dont care, messy hair dont care" - ya. I am quite competitive hor, wahahahahhah.

Okay so... I was the first to submit my Bingo sheet lah of cos. HAHA.
Here's my gift:
I can now use this for my future duties lor. Cool ma right. Full set. HAHAHA.

Okay, fun aside. 

Hui-Ting and I were buzzing to each other even right before we got confirmed that we are in the ministry. We could envision ourselves serving together already in our New Home.
It is a done deal!
I was thankful to sit there and listen to Jian Ming share his heart out on the vision of the ministry.
It is really a privilege to be part of the launch, pioneer batch! 
It will be where the world meets and experience church through world class service (:

And through what Jian Ming shared, I knew it was God's assurance to me.
"Remember My plans for you? Here you go"
It is indeed always about TEAM and... when Jian Ming shared about filling/standing in the gap - everything clicked in the spirit.

I know I can never outgive God. I just had to trust.
As I sat there listening, I was reminded of myself serving in the many different ministries as a youth.
I was in really quite a number of ministries before (Photog, Hospi, Livefeed, Usher, Post-Pro, Decor, Fashion...) & having to do a lot lesser made me a little sad when I started working + when I drifted away...

Every bit of my youth spirit is awaken, and I am even more excited now because I know I can do alot more in greater measures now that I am older, and gained experiences. Best years indeed.

Words can't express enough, just..
Get ready to be WOW by Nov/Dec 2015.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Today marks my last day working in the advertising industry, for now at least (not sure if I'll get back in) Haha.
It's been a good 2-3 years in bigger agencies and I had my fair share of experience working in a local when I just graduated.

Well, a friend once told me - "advertising really is for a certain breed of people hor? either you are cut out for it or you will just not fit in".

To the above statement, well, it makes me wonder too if I am cut out for advertising sometimes.
Most people deem me to be the super extroverted girl. Mmm, but actually I DO need my hamsterball time. And definitely not that kind that makes friend everywhere I go. Hahah.
I take awhile to warm up to people... hahaha.

I love the freedom and open working environment.
But on the other hand, the downside? - Yes, be ready for crazy work hours, be ready to meet expectations that are out of the world. Be ready to get your hands dirty to do the stupid things you do not even agree with. Some people say, advertising is a con man's world. The campaigns are not truthful, the creative works are unreal.

I kinda struggled a little, juggling between being a good Christian vs. fitting into the industry (yes, its like 70% of my colleagues smokes, every other day they are drinking too. hahah, but it isnt that bad in DDB, the drinking culture is a whole load heavier here in Grey.)
But I think it is do-able, at the end of the day, it is about being able to relate to people and stepping into their boats. At the same time, to be wise and be led by the HS.
It is not easy, but well... I am glad that I managed to sow some seeds nonetheless.

Will I miss advertising?
I am not too sure myself. I think I might. The next place I am heading should fit me fine too (: I don't think it is going to be all corporate too, so I am quite excited!
A little anxious, but... let's see what God has in-stored for me.

It's been a good ride. Glad to have met amazing people and bonded some friendships through this journey (:


Friday, 26 June 2015


It's almost Friday! (: Been a tad busier at work after getting back from the camp.
My daily rambles and what's not usually goes to my Dayre, while the more substantial stuffs are blogged here haha.

I meant to share more about the Gzone retreat.
Haha. Basically we had great fun, hahaha.
Team building games (the inner competitive spirits surfaced hahahahahaha), eat alot, cup noodles supper (imagine a few girls under one roof hahahahaha), eat more, massage and eat some more. HAHAHA. 

The 2nd night when Garrett shared left me really really touched by God's love in my life.
Here's to share a snippet of what I wrote in my notebook (:

"Finding joy to do the things of God, and guarding my heart in the deep foundations that anchored me right from the very beginning of my walk. Gotta make pre-made decisions in life so that when I am caught in tough situations, I know what my choices can be. God's love covers all weaknesses, but we should never take that for granted and let the fear of God also guard my heart. Having the fear of God is also really important because you will then begin to really walk circumspectly.
Be in the world, and not of the world. Let not the self desire/ things of the world will not start taking over my heart. God, let Your will be above all else and that I will walk into my destiny- I know You will guide me and take me into your intent for me. Every struggles, decisions, choices that I make, give me wisdom to think of Your love and have the fear of God. God is the God of ALL. He knows everyone of our hearts (v.Matthew 22:32)"


It really apt for this season- things are starting to unfold (:
We had an amazing CG session yesterday!
Had a really good time just spending time in the Spirit.
Prayer x Worship.
I was initially praying for myself- work, things on my mind etc...
& as I prayed, I just felt really assured that I need not worry, but when I begin to put Him first, and others first, things will all work out.
So I started praying for my church, pastors, leaders, my family's salvation, my friends... and I felt happy (: Happy that I prayed for them. Happy to know that all will be well because God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows all situations (:

Saturday, 13 June 2015


So its been a few weeks since I went for the Gzone Retreat in Johor Bahru (: It was a 3 days 2 nights thing and we bunked at Tanjung Puteri Resort. Well, the space was big and all. Haha, but not the cleanest >.<
Nonetheless, it was a good time just spending quality moments with my favourite people, and of cos' Fig Tree moments & the precious Me-God ignited times.
Felt very much like how days of my youth camps were like (feeling old saying this even) Ha-ha!
But that spiritual intimacy was really encouraging and uplifting.

(PART 1) - Gzone Retreat! (:

Here's to Day 1 before setting off:

So glad Xiaohui could join us (:
We headed to grab quick lunch and headed down to the resort to check in and all.
Looks not bad actually right.

Broke into our groups- I was in Team Yogi. HAHAHA.
Becos' our team leader, Kaisen (was nicknamed Yogi :p)

Then we headed off for seafood dinner (Todak Restuarant)! nommmms.
I wasn't super satisfied with the dinner (maybe cos' it was abit cold already)
But okay, it was fine.
Haha. The place was filled with many many Singaporeans!

After dinner we headed back to the resort and Garrett shared with us.
Just amazed by Garrett because he was preaching for Service 1 that Saturday, and it was Sunday night when he was sharing/preaching to us and then praying for the couples.
Throughout the whole day since morning, he was spending time with the zone as well!

Garrett shared with us about (( Destiny x Defining x Decisions ))
Really awaken something inside of me.
So many times we struggle and do things based on our own understanding and more of what we want instead of what God really plans for us.

However, to put it simply, God has a calling for each and everyone of us. We may not understand and we may not see it now, but we will eventually.
And for alot of us in that room that night, I believe and really think we are in the best years and phase of our life to step into what God has intended. 
I mean we are all different and really unique, there are different ways He is going to use us. 

Just few weeks prior to hearing this, I was just sharing with Gewwy about how my heart feels a little anxious and I was wondering about my future, in terms of what I should be doing more for God, in church and even my career.

But that night God spoke, and shared that if He brings me some where, He will definitely be with me.
God is going to give me what is needed & His grace is sufficient for me.

& to DEFINE,  how would I describe my life in one line... that got me thinking.
If God were to describe your life in one line, what would it be? 
& the DECISIONS we make day to day.
Something Garrett shared that stirred my spirit that night-
"you are the accumulation of the decisions we make."
Indeed there's power in decisions/choices we make in our life, only we can make these decisions/choices.

The steps that we take will lead us to our destination but 
the decisions that you make bring you to your destiny
the days that we live too, will bring us to our destiny

(Ephesians 5:15-17 NKJV)
See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

circumspectly: be very careful to how we walk our steps (make choices/decisions)
So that got me thinking about my life as it is, what are the wrong/bad decisions I have made?
I know I have taken wrong steps,
I mentioned previously, but I know I have walked on from it & walking right.
That night it was a reminder, 
we really really need to love God and have the fear of God in our lives.
It was good, managed to HTHT with Xiaohui too and chilled abit with the girls in the same villa that night (:
More on Part 2's thoughts in next postttt!

Friday, 29 May 2015


Friday self-reflection mode on this morning. Haha.Oh happy Friday by the way! (long weekend ahead!) yay.

What is your story to tell?

There are many different stories we hear in our life. We hear stories from the media about the latest happenings around us. We also hear stories from parents/grandparents about their past and younger days. Of course there are also stories about gossips of people around us, from friends and colleagues.

Many stories we hear in our lives, we have forgotten. 

But some always stay in our hearts. 

The woman who gave up her alabaster flask. 
Something that is precious to her for God... that costly fragrant oil. 
Everyone thought it was a crazy thing to do, but God was touched by her action. 
(Matthew 26:6-13)

It is said in v13 that, “wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial to her.”
God wants our stories to be heard.

So while I was in that reflecting zone, I was wondering-
If my life is a movie/story, is it exciting? 
Do I have a story worth watching/ telling? Or is there anything to be told?
Maybe it is a good story, maybe it's exciting. But does it enrich? Or is it just entertaining?
If it is just entertaining, it might be forgotten over time.

The woman with the alabaster flask story is of eternal.
What she has done is- His story. 

What is yours?

Let my lifesong sing to You.